Recall Alert! Make sure you don’t feed your dogs these foods and treats

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2/21/2013 – CO Department of Agriculture tested retail sample of Kasel pet treat product – found it to be positive for Salmonella

2/22/2013 – Hy-Vee dog food recall due to elevated levels of a toxic compound commonly found in contaminated corn

3/6/2013 – Jones Natural Chews Company recalls chews for potential contamination of Salmonella.

3/7/2013 – Diggin’ Your Dog announced voluntarily withdrawing of its Strippin’ Chicks Pet Treats potentially contaminated with Salmonella

3/12/2013 – Bravo! Raw Food Diet 2 lb. Chicken Blend for Dogs and Cats for salmonella

3/7/2013 – Steve’s Real Food has announced recalls Turducken Canine Diet 8 ounce patties due to Salmonella.



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