A brand new, revolutionary approach to pet care is gaining attention

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A brand new, revolutionary approach to pet care is gaining attention. The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation is emerging as an alternative answer to pet care. Based on a philosophy of integrative medicine, this holistic approach to animal health is saving the lives of pets diagnosed with conditions such as cancer, heart disease, auto immune disease, bladder problems, skin problems and seizures.

Dr. Barbara Royal, president elect of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation, believes that mainstream American physicians and veterinarians are only educated in one way. “MDs and DVMs learn a lot about surgery, a lot about medications, a lot about disease…but they don’t learn about the causes of health.”

Royal believes in an integrative approach to health, NOT interventionist medicine. She strives to focus on supporting pet health as a first priority instead of treating disease after it has developed. This philosophy is challenging the status quo. Today’s mainstream veterinary students are taught to treat pets with an approach emphasizing drugs and surgery.
Take a look at this long list of drugs often prescribed for pets: http://www.petplace.com

Throwing a drug at the problem often leaves pets with side effects and an impending death. The philosophy of, “take this drug, we don’t really know how it works, good luck,” is a symptom cover-up approach that reaps more consequences in the end. Although mainstream veterinarians mean well and want to help, their philosophy – the way they were taught – is a patch work that ultimately leads to unintended consequences.
If mainstream veterinarian care is so one sided and misguided, relying on drugs, steroids, antibiotics and chemotherapy, then why are holistic methods often shunned, looked down on and questioned?

A new approach to pet health

Dr. Royal sits down with pet owners who are skeptical about a holistic approach to pet care. First, Royal listens to pet owners. She then explains her intent, appealing to the caring core of the pet owner. After the pet owner understands her approach to helping their pet, Royal notices how people begin opening up to a new integrative approach.

“It’s about viewing and treating the body as a whole,” Royal says.

Royal helps a pet owner see the bigger picture to their pet’s health and teaches common sense principles that really resonate with them. “We can help the body unlock its own ability to heal and thrive,” says Royal, “Very often, the body knows what to do if given the opportunity.”

Dr. Royal teaches pet nutrition as the foundation for pet health. She also encourages regular exercise for pets. As a pet smells things along their walk, they not only exercise their body but also gather information and learn about their environment, which, in turn, exercises their brain.

She encourages pet owners to eliminate corn and wheat from their pet’s diets, because these are pro-inflammatory, unfamiliar ingredients to an animal’s body. She teaches about pet food processing methods that create heterocyclic amines and acrylamides, which are potent carcinogens.

She talks about concepts like the lack of moisture content in kibbles which lead to dehydration in the animal. She talks about the amount of glycotoxins in dog food that cause inflammation in pets.

Royal also warns against overdoing those things that could cause harm. She teaches not to over medicate or over-vaccinate a pet, teaching how this interferes with an animal’s natural ability to heal. She encourages pet owners to ask, “Is the drug truly necessary? Is it optional? Or is it perhaps totally unnecessary?”

Examples of pets saved through holistic veterinarian care

On the inspiring stories page of the AHVMF page, one can find many testimonials of pets cured through holistic means.

In one case, Shelby the dog was given nutritional supplements to support her immune system, which helped stave off kidney infections. When treated with mainstream drugs, “the infections would disappear… only to return just a few months later,” but with holistic therapy, Shelby lived strong past her fourteenth birthday.

Read full story here: http://www.ahvmf.org

In the case of Booter the cat, cancer was overtaking her body. The owners sought mainstream help that only offered “more drugs, antibiotics and steroids.” The chemotherapy nearly killed her. When they went in for holistic, alternative therapy, they were skeptical, but after learning more about the approach, the owners started seeing positive results.

After taking nutrition supplements, Booter’s immune system (which was decimated by chemo and years of steroids) finally gained the strength to drive the cancer away.

The owners said, “What had looked like a lost cause in the first few months was transformed into a victory, and our skepticism has obviously been transformed into belief. In fact, as a direct result of witnessing what non-traditional medicine could do for our beloved cat, we’ve found a non-traditional medicine practitioner for ourselves, and transformed our lives as well.”

Read full story here: http://www.ahvmf.org



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