Effortless fun way to get back your dog’s sparkling white teeth!

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My dogs Misha and Nadya are at that age where their teeth are starting acquiring plaque and it is getting harder to find ways in keeping it off. I tried everything, natural gels, teeth brushing, everything. Nothing worked until recently when I by accident discovered a trick that did the job : raw bones!

You may buy them at any pet store and they usually come in a pack of six at $4.95. Not only will your dogs love them, it gives them something to “work on”, play with and adds calcium to their diet. Just make sure you take out the bone marrow in the middle, any meat on the bone and watch it do the trick! After 30 minutes of natural fun, your dogs teeth are sparkling white 🙂 Make sure you remove the bones after the dogs are done. I usually put them into a container and back into the freezer.

I have purchased various brands of raw bones including Northwest Naturals, Bravo and the Primal brand. My preference is Primal as they use high quality ingredients in all of their products and my dogs seem to like it more than the other brands . Here is their raw bone selection.

PS! The above solution is for teeth which have acquired ‘average’  amount of plaque. If your dog has lose teeth or inflamed/bleeding gums, you should consult your vet. In addition, please do not cook the bones, as they may splinter causing several ailments including choking and internal puncture wounds which will lead to sever illness and generally surgery to fix the problem.

Nothing here is meant to replace what your veterinarian says. Always consult with your veterinarian first.



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