Doggles eye glasses help your dog regain eye sight

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When I first read about the Doggles glasses a hope was ignited within me. You see, I felt that there was an option for my little 13 year old girl Nadya’s eye sight problems, to gain back her sight. She is our little bichon poodle angel whom we adopted when she was only 3 months old and who until about a year ago started having problems with her eye sight. At first with walking on stairs at night, and now proceeded to having difficulty locating her toys thrown to her to fetch. She also squints and paws at her face in the sun. I feel truly bad for her. Imagine if you were losing your sight.

When this whole ordeal started I did hours of research in how to help her. The only options I found out there was cataract surgery and this is why I became exhilarated when I ran across the Doggles glasses, which may be the answer to her eye problems! The Doogles company offers quite a few options in the eye wear department, including corrective glasses, sunglasses, protective eye wear, and black lenses. Let’s take a closer look at these options:

Corrective Glasses

This option is for pups like my little Nadya, suffering from cataracts but also for dogs slowly losing their sight. These conditions often contribute to pooches being easily frightened and they may be more prone to biting if they are startled. Their disability can turn to be very challenging and frustrating. The Doggles prescription glasses, if your dog can wear them can end the stress. (read further down how you can slowly get your pooch use to the glasses. All that is required is approach and patience)

If your pooch is losing their eye sight, you will have to contact a veterinary ophthalmologist who will view the anatomy of the eye to determine the dog’s prescription strength. This prescription will then be sent to Doggles, where the glasses are made, often less than $100. Yes, you heard it right, far less than a cataract surgery, right?

These glasses are truly giving sight back to many dogs with a natural decline in the quality of their eyesight, dogs with cataracts and dogs who are farsighted due to cataracts surgery without lens implants. To find an eye specialist in your area to get a prescription, visit:


Mishka, my second 13 year old pup needs these glasses for sure as his eyes have turned very sensitive to sunlight. He squints a lot, whines or paws at his face when he is in the bright light. I believe the Doggles sunglasses may help him as they block out the UV light and to feel more comfortable outdoors. Keeping my fingers crossed they will work for him.

The wonderful thing about the frames and lenses is that they come in a variety of colors and styles so that you can coordinate them with your dog’s personality. Dog shades are also fun if your pup loves to dress up and look stylish. 😊 Misha always loved blue and blue the frames shall be 😊.

HealthyDogClub has selected a pair of Doogles sun /protective glasses on Amazon if you are interested in buying them right away. They offer these in a variety of colors/styles/sizes. 🙂


Protective Eye Wear

Doggles may also be used as eye protection for dogs who ride in cars, on motorcycles, or in truck beds. Many dog owners do not realize that these adventurous passengers have unshielded eyes and can get pieces of flying dirt and debris in them. This protective eye wear looks very sporty and imagine how cool your pooch will look with his head hanging out of your Mustang’s window sporting these glasses plus he would be much safer too. Doggles are also used to shield the eyes of police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and military dogs, especially in the middle east.

Black Lenses

Blind dogs may wear Doggles’ opaque, black lenses. These are like the glasses blind people often wear and they alert strangers that the dog is unable to see which should remind them to approach the dog appropriately. They also serve as a protection should you blind pooch run into things. They are also for dogs who recently had surgery and can also be helpful working as a protective shield to the eye. The lens protects the eye from bumps, debris and light.

Anatomy of Doggles

Lets now take a closer look at the anatomy of the Doogles glasses. They are comfortable, durable and designed for active dogs. They look like a pair of underwater googles that a human would wear. They have foam padding that sits between the Doggles frame and the dog’s face. Flexible and fit any face shape. Doggles have two soft, adjustable straps keeping them in place, even during play. One strap wraps behind the dog’s head, while the other buckles under the dog’s chin. They are also shatter-proof and anti-fogging and shield dogs from debris and UV light.
Doggles come in in a variety sizes, fitting dogs seven pounds and up. To select the right size for your dog, use the below sizing chart.

How to help your pooch adjust to Doggles

Since my girl hates anything strapped to her, including me dressing her up my first worry was what it would take to help her adjust to these glasses. To my surprise, the company had an extensive explanation on this subject. Here is what you should go to get your pooch used to them.

Begin by allowing your dog to sniff and investigate the glasses. Give him praise while he does this, perhaps even a treat. If he is comfortable around the glasses, touch them to his face and around his eyes, while continuing to praise him. Do not strap the glasses on until he seems comfortable having them near his eyes.

When you feel your dog is ready, slowly put the glasses on him. (If you are introducing sunglasses to your dog, put them on him for the first time outside in the bright sun. Do not begin using them indoors, because the darkness he will see will cause him extra stress.) Give him lots of positive reinforcement during this process. Do not allow your dog to paw at the glasses or rub his face on the ground. Distract him with a fun activity, such as eating treats or taking a short walk. Make his first few time wearing the glasses brief and positive, then slowly increase the length of time he wears them.

Until you feel your dog is 100% confident and comfortable sporting his glasses, you should closely supervise him while he wears them to prevent him from chewing them or becoming entangled in the straps.

Purchasing Doggles for your pooch

You can purchase the sunglasses for your dog online and in some pet stores. The cost for sunglasses is approximately $15 to $25, all depending on the style and brand you want. Corrective eye wear and lenses for dogs with poor eye sight and blind dogs must be obtained by an eye specialist called ophthalmologist.

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