3 tips for choosing quality dog treats

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1. Make sure the treats are made from fresh, whole foods, and not inferior ingredients. One dead giveaway: if you can pronounce each ingredient with no problem, that’s a good sign!

2. Find out whether the ingredients are being sourced from the USA. Stay away from ingredients coming from China or products being manufactured in China. One way pet food manufacturers try and trick pet parents is that they will source and manufacture their products in China but pack and ship in the United States so they can claim their products are American made.

3. Check to make sure the treats do not contain any grains, artificial ingredients, fillers or other additives. Did you know: these cheap additives not only keep the manufacturer’s costs low, they also help mask the poor quality of their ingredients by using artificial flavors and fat sprays to trick your pet into eating them. This helps them to make a huge profit from the unsuspecting consumer.



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