Is Convenience Killing Your Pet?

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“I must warn you about the use of bone meal in pet foods. Primarily because of the way it is manufactured. It is generated by a disgusting collection of dead animals, many which have been euthanized with Pentobarbital. This deadly chemical is not destroyed with high heat. These dead animals are sent to rendering plants and dried. Most uses of bone meal are to provide a Calcium source other than ground bones. The Calcium in bone meal is not readily absorbed. In addition, some bone meal contains toxic heavy metals such as lead and Cadmium, which are absorbed. Cadmium contributes to auto-immune thyroid disease. Heavy metals deplete minerals that help treat and protect against cancer, and also lowers thyroid function. Grinding the green bone source is the absolute best way to provide Calcium that your petneeds and it is easily absorbed by your pet.”

-Robert Mueller


By Robert Mueller

This past Sunday April 24th was National Pet Owners Day and I wanted to shine some light on the importance of making the best choices for our pets.

Animal nutrition is one of the sciences about which man is blissfully ignorant even though his welfare, existence, health and life depend upon it.


Proper nutrition is key
at a young age.

Isn’t it a shame that in today’s busy lifestyle, convenience takes precedence over logic and making good choices for our pets? Think about it…is it logical to assume that dog food in a bag (kibble) that has remained open for 30 days is still nutritionally stable without being frozen or refrigerated? How could this be possible? Only with artificial preservatives of course!

The preservatives used in canned and kibble pet foods – in combination with the other harmful additives such as pesticides, flavoring agents, fat sprays, fillers, and other chemicals – merely offer the convenience of a “pour in the bowl and ready to eat ” product. Yet we often fail to stop and think of what negative effects convenience-basedfoods really play on the nutritional value of our pet’s meal.

Let’s face it – you can’t fool Mother Nature. Yet that is exactly what kibble manufacturers are trying to do. They are utilizing inexpensive ingredient sources and adding flavor-enhancing fat sprays to their products to entice your dog to eat the food, all the while promoting their blends as the ultimate nutrient-rich, convenience-based diet. They try to promote their products as the optimum nutrition choice despite the harmful additives and inferior ingredient sources they truly contain. If you cannot pronounce or read the ingredients on the label…why would you feed it to your child (your pet ☺)?

Doesn’t it make more sense to feed a diet that is biologically appropriate and meets your pet‘s nutritional needs?

Make the right choice
for your pet.

But what about convenience?

Many pet owners who see the true value of feeding their pets a raw diet will often start by attempting to make a raw food diet at home. While this can be a rewarding experience for you and your pet, after a while it can be tough to continue, especially with the hectic lifestyles we lead nowadays. Busy pet owners who wish to feed their dogs a raw diet find the home-prepared raw process time consuming, messy, and troublesome as they continuously struggle with reliable ingredient sources and the proper nutritional balance. 

And that is how the commercial raw diet diet came to be. Raw food companies gathered the best animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and raw diet feeders together and designed a properly balanced raw food diet for our pets. In doing so, they effectively solved the problem of feeding inappropriate convenience-based foods to our animals and instead created the ultimate solution – an easy-to-feed yet nutrient-rich raw food diet.




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