Healthy Juice Pulp Dog Treats

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If you’ve jumped on the juicing bandwagon, you’re enjoying amazing, fresh, homemade juices, but likely wondering: isn’t there something I could be doing with all the leftover juice pulp? Well wonder no longer! You can make these little, healthy, fiber-rich, low-calorie dog treats!, a fantastic raw food blog shares this dog-approved recipe.

I was looking at the dwindling doggie treat jar and the pups expanding waistlines and made a decision. I would accept the juice pulp challenge and make doggie treats from the pulp!

I started collecting my leftover pulp and placed it in the freezer. When I had a significant amount (only three juicings), I pulled it out, let it thaw and started making these little treats. With the addition of sunflower seeds and flax, I created a jar full of treats that the pups went wild for and wouldn’t pack on the pounds. I think this is a winner.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: There are some fruits and veggies that are toxic to dogs. Please make sure you don’t include these in your treats. Onions and grapes are two huge no-no’s as they’re poisonous to dogs. Oranges are okay but many dogs don’t love the taste of citrus. Here are just a few of the good-for-dogs fruit and veg pulp you can try: carrot, kale, cucumber, apple (not seeds), lettuce, celery, spinach, melons, pear.

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