Travelling with your pet?

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Traveling With Your Pet

By Monica Samson

More people than ever before treat their pets with unconditional love and care. It is very common for pets to be welcomed into families not as a pet but as a member of the family. Pet owners are eager to take their pets out on family vacations as well. With this growing number of traveling dog’s we have also seen a spike in pet friendly hotels. More than ever, pet owners are willing to take their pets on an international vacation too! says: “We have witnessed a huge increase in demand for pet-friendly hotels, with guests wanting to travel with their animals”.

It’s still important to do your homework to find the best destination for you and your pet to enjoy together. We have done some of the research for you.

“Demand is growing year-on-year, with a large proportion of hotels across the globe now not only accommodating for pets, but also advertising this key feature.” reports that 25% of their hotel listings allow pet owners to check-in with their pets. Keep in mind that many hotels do have a surcharge for this special request. There are also additional charges for any supplementary services like sitting, walking, food and other services.

The five-star hotel, Park Hyatt Vienna allows people to check in with their pets, and strives to be as pet-friendly as possible. This pet-friendly hotel has all of the luxurious accommodations that you can imagine. Staff can even arrange a date for your dog to go to the opera without you. You heard that right. Your dog can enjoy a night out on the town and they can enjoy all the perks that their staff has to offer like walks and even taking your dog to the theatre. “If the pet wants to go to the opera by himself we will arrange their ticket if the opera allows it,” says the hotel’s general manager Monique Dekker. This hotel has had several special requests from pet owners that want their dogs to enjoy their vacations to the fullest including riding by limousine.

Pet-friendly hotels are welcoming of their furry guests and love having them as guests. After all, your pet is your baby and you want them to feel loved and treated like a pampered guest.




Monica Samson is a Raw Pet Food Specialist for K9 Natural. She is a full-time student and working mom to a young toddler, a terrier mix named Mookie and a tabby cat named Phillip. Monica enjoys healthy home cooking and spending quality time with her family. For more articles like these and to learn more about the benefits of raw food for your pets, sign up for The Healthydogclub weekly e-zine.



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