Raw Food: Truth or Fiction

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By Robert Mueller

Give your dog a fighting chance with a healthy diet.

Concerned pet parents who are actively searching for the very best in nutrition for their dogs need to be able to discern fact from fiction when making a decision whether to switch their dog’s diet.

With the recent recalls of pet food, pet owners that have been buying kibble and canned food all their life are now beginning to question the safety, value and benefits of feeding a heat processed pet food.
Each side of the controversy professes to have science, longevity, and benefit advantages to offer the consumer. Like other similar philosophy differences, it is sometimes difficult to separate the chaff from the wheat.

Most of our customers come to me seeking help because their dog is exhibiting signs of immune system weakness. Many times this can result into severe skin and allergy symptoms and serious degenerative diseases.

The fact is that our pets are naturally designed to eat raw food diets.

Their bodies are not designed to eat cooked foods full of grains and other fillers, preservatives and flavor enhancers. The animal’s body has only one way to tell us “NO – this is not what I should be consuming”. Unfortunately, it tells us this by presenting the animal with a variety of health issues, allergy symptoms, digestive problems, etc.

Your pet was designed to eat a raw diet.

The results we see every day from pets that are switched from a cooked diet to a raw food diet – specifically raw diet  – are remarkable! The health problems that these pets previously suffered from with no relief have been reversed. This is all the evidence we need to expand our beliefs and convictions that a raw food diet that is properly formulated will repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate the various conditions that our pets commonly suffer from.

After 40 years of manufacturing and dispensing this same formula to many generations of dogs and seeing firsthand the benefits that these pets experience, I challenge anyone to suggest that a dry heat processed kibble diet is still the best way to feed our canine and feline companions.




Robert Mueller, BSc, Pharm. is a registered pharmacist, author of Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret”.



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