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By Robert Mueller

Recently, I received a touching testimonial from a dog owner who has his pup on raw food diet. I typically do not share stories like this, but I was moved by her words and thought that I would share her story with you all. It is quite powerful and I believe that you will agree that the BARF Diet can extend your pet’s life.

“Thank you!

My Bichon Angel had been on a dog food prescribed by the vet for bladder stone problems. She had almost died when she was just 5 years old from 2 bladder stones that were blocking her urethra. She had to have surgery. For the next 9 years she was on the prescription food recommended by the vet and she did not have bladder stones again. However, she did have re-occurring ear infections, bladder infections that were hard to heal, constipation, hot spots, itchy and inflamed skin, as well as a dislike for the food!

When Angel was 14 years old she was very ill, literally dying before my eyes. She did continue with the bladder infections but her blood work did not indicate why she was so ill. Her stomach was bloated and she was very sick. She had cataracts, was incontinent, and had horrible hot spots along with a continual itch and inflamed skin.

Angel’s before and after photo


The top picture of Angel is prior to going raw, the bottom picture is after about 2 months on raw dietbar.

Two friends of mine shared with me raw diet. Both friends feed their dogs raw and have not had any of the illnesses such as Angel was suffering. Although Angel’s vet was against this move, I went for it. At the time I felt we had nothing to lose! And by golly, raw diet saved Angel’s life! I got 2 more glorious years with her and had I had her on raw long before age 14, I believe she would still be with me today! I believe the damage done by the commercial food had already taken a toll on her health that was non-reversible. The raw diet did reverse her immediate health issues. Also, she LOVED the food!!!!! 

I have lost my precious baby girl, she fought hard but had cancer. I do contribute her cancer to all of the years of commercial food. As a matter of fact, the 9 months Angel was in kidney failure due to the cancer, she was getting fluids 3 times a week. I then began to notice so many other dogs with a similar condition! I wanted to ask, what do you feed your dog? I honestly believe with all my heart the illnesses our pets are dying from are directly related to the commercial food we are feeding them!

I will have another dog again, not yet, it is way too soon. I miss my Angel Marie more than my heart even knew it would! But I can tell you the next time I get a dog, that dog will be on raw food  from the START!!!!


A mother’s love.

Thank you to raw food diet! It has been so helpful with EVERYTHING I went through! From the beginning of putting Angel on this diet to the very end when I had to work hard to get her to eat. It was a GREAT experience! Raw food changed the way I looked at my pup.

God Bless! CIAO!

This testimonial is for you Angel Marie Schermerhorn, so your story can save another fur mom and or dads baby!!!!!!

Love you baby girl! Mom!” 

Robert Mueller, BSc, Pharm. is a registered pharmacist, author of “Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret”.



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