Best New Years resolution for you and your pet

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Raw Dog Food Tip

“This is the time of year when people make unreasonable and outrageous choices for their New Year’s resolutions. We always think that this year will be different, but it ends up the same as last year when our diet plans disappear after 1 week. Even if we fail in our own commitments, there is something to do that is very achievable and beneficial for your pet. In 2016, vow to improve your pet’s diet and provide a healthy and nutritious advantage over processed kibble, dry or canned or semi-moist food. Convert to the raw diet – a raw, natural, unprocessed biologically appropriate diet and watch the almost magical changes begin!”

By Robert Mueller

A New Years resolution can
create positive lifestyle changes.

Each year, the day after New Years Eve becomes a crisis day for me. I mean, it’s on this day we all VOW to make significant life style changes. Maybe it’s starting that dreadful diet plan or that exercise routine that we have put off for over 5 years. I think we can all relate to this day as the bridge between the old and the new. A new day with a new challenge ahead of us. Is it a bad habit that needs to be put to bed? How do we get started on this new adventure and make a commitment to ourselves? How do we make it a life changing event? How can I involve other people to make me more accountable?

Sometimes money can be a motivator. A good friend of mine explained that he made a bet with a friend of his because they both wanted to quit smoking. They had both tried several times to quit and couldn’t stay with the plan- but this time was different. This time they put the goal in front of them and made the penalty so strict that if they varied from the plan they would suffer in the pocketbook to a great extent. The bet was $5000.00 given to the other if either one of them went off the wagon and started to smoke again. He has been smoke free now for over 5 years.

Let’s not forget our precious pets as we formulate different future plans for ourselves. We must plan their future with just as much authority and health benefiting value. Take the time to try and discover a new, more health generating food plan for your dog. If they have health issues- find out why raw feeding may correct their problems. I have witnessed over 39 years of raw feeding to carnivorous animals and can attest to the health benefits derived from this way of feeding. Testimonials are always a good way to see how the diets have worked for other people and their pets.

Here are a few testimonials from pet owners who give raw diet to their pets:

“I can see Winnie has more energy when I take him out to run after being on the Raw diet. The probiotics I have added to his patties keep him from wanting to eat grass between sprints.(He likes to chase squirrels)”

– Kandace P.
Springfield, MO 

“I heard about raw food through my chiropractor, who had her older dog on the raw diet. She said that he improved so much on it. I have had problems with all of my previous Yorkies. They all had health issues. I knew I had to do something and got them off the commercial food. Raw diet came up when I researched it. I ordered the books and got the diet. Truthfully they are doing great now.” 

– Betsy P.
Maple Grove, MN

“Wendy is a 5 month old Dobie. She had a urinary tract problem of very frequent urinations. I changed her diet and gave vet prescribed antibiotics for several weeks and now she seems to be normal. She also gained 9 lbs in 1 month. I plan to continue the raw diet”

– Patti W.
Honeygrove, TX

You will be amazed what changes you’ll see in your pet by feeding him a raw diet.Happy New Year


Robert Mueller, BSc, Pharm. is a registered pharmacist, author of Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret”. 



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