Jen’s Offal Goodies…

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We are proud to introduce a new line of treats, that is sure to have your pet begging for more.

Jen’s Offal Goodies are new to our line of recommended supplemental products Pacific Paws offers a nutritious organ meat dog treats.

“Offal” is a term that describes organ meat.  Offal is preferred by both wild and domestic dogs, as it is high in vital nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins.  In the wild, dogs eat the stomach contents and organ meat from the animals they prey upon before any other element.  In fact, internal organs form a vital part of the wild dog’s diet. Modern dogs have similar requirements and that is why dog’s love “Offal Goodies.”


These tasty treats start with grass-fed & finished beef organ meat and organic produce is added to create their jerky wraps. Jen’s Offal Goodies, are dehydrated at 118 degrees F, to preserve all the nutrients.

1-2 ingredients, that’s it!

Jen’s Offal Goodies are:

– Gluten-free
– Hormone-free
– Humane and Guilt-free

We are dedicated to supporting like-minded companies, with the same love and care . We hope both you and your dog enjoy the benefits of Jen’s Offal Goodies. Click Here To Order NOW!



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